This course is a compact 7-hour presentation dealing with the use of Commercial Terms and with specific emphasis on the correct use of the ICC Incoterms  (R) 2020 Rules. It is a full and interactive day, and an excellent forum for questions & answers.

We’ll deal with;

  • Understanding what Commercial Terms do and do not do;
  • What's new with the 2020 Rules;
  • The structure of correctly written Commercial Terms;
  • Common problems with common terms;
  • Limiting risks, misalignments and misunderstandings;
  • Understanding the difference between customs valuation symbols and commercial terms - fob vs. FOB, c.i.f. vs. CIF etc.

This course is for everyone involved in trade. It is relevant regardless of whether their outlook is as a Seller, Buyer or as a Service Provider to these parties.

The course fees include an electronic copy of the presentation material, plus a copy of the 6th edition of Trading Words & Phrases, which incorporates the official text of Incoterms ® 2020 for each delegate. The delegates also receive links to four recorded training modules on the subject.

Incoterms (R) is a trademark of International Chamber of Commerce, registered in several countries.

phill doran

Working with thousands of delegates for Freight Training since 1996, phill covers a variety of subjects related to International Trade, ranging from commercial matters to legislative issues, in a series of entertaining yet impactful short courses and workshops.

The accompanying picture was taken when phill was a much younger cartoon.

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R 4,250.00

Incl. Tax

  • Starts: 24 May 2022 at 08:45
  • Facilitator: phill doran
  • Venue: Corporate Conference Centre