The SA VAT ACT & Exporting

This is a full-day course covering the complexities of the vendor’s VAT position dealing with export and off-shore supplies in international trade.

The course addresses

  • Export Regulation R.316 and Indirect Exports;
  • Zero-Rated Direct Exports & VAT;
  • Special Supplies
  • Return & Repair;
  • Merchanting and off-shore selling, etc.

We will also look at when the vendor may raise their invoices in foreign currencies and when they may not; how the rate of VAT influences the currency of the transaction; how to deal with pre-payments and extended credit.

Indirect exports are in most instances subject to VAT at the standard rate. However, there are (often complex) opportunities where the vendor may elect to zero-rate the supply of the movable goods, subject to certain requirements being met. Importantly, the requirements for documentary compliance are covered in detail.

This course is based in part on the hundreds of questions and actual problems raised by past delegates since 1997 and the event creates an excellent forum for questions & answers.

The course fees include electronic copies of the presentation material, VAT Interpretation Notes and Guides.

phill doran

Working with thousands of delegates for Freight Training since 1996, phill covers a variety of subjects related to International Trade, ranging from commercial matters to legislative issues, in a series of entertaining yet impactful short courses and workshops.

The accompanying picture was taken when phill was a much younger cartoon.

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R 3,100.00

Incl. Tax

  • Starts: 07 Dec 2023 at 08:45
  • Facilitator: phill doran
  • Venue: Erinvale Estate Hotel

Fully Booked